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9 May 2016
Gus Papathanasopoulos Cleared of Securities Fraud Charge - No Fraud Involved in NeoFat Industries, Inc/Microlipid Technologies Securities Transactions

ORLANDO – Gus Papathanasopoulos, founder of Neofat Industries, Inc. (also known as Microlipid Technologies) was cleared of multiple counts of securities fraud in the Orange County Circuit Court on May 9th, 2016. In addition, there was found to be no fraud involved in the securities transactions for the two companies. After several proceedings, 34 of the original 38 charges were dropped. The remaining four charges pertained to his liability for the sale of unregistered securities by unregistered agents and Papathanasopoulos accepted a negotiated plea resolution. Read more >

16 December 2014
MICROLIPIDS Trademark Awarded in both Class 5 Pharmaceuticals and Class 29 Processed Foods.

After a three-year long battle with food giant Covidien AG, Microlipid Technologies was awarded registrations for the trademark “MICROLIPIDS” in both Class 5 Pharmaceuticals as well as Class 29 Processed Foods.

4 May 2011
Neofat Industries, Inc. Completes Name Change

Neofat Industries, Inc. has formally changed its name to Microlipid Technologies, Inc. The name change is designed to bring consistency to the company’s branding identity for ingredients and products using Microsaturation™. The word Microlipids™ is a longstanding State of Florida (USA) registered trademark, actively and continuously used since 1999, and the company has a pending federal trademark registration application for Microlipids™ before the USPTO.

The company owns the Internet domain names microlipid.com and microlipids.com, and is currently in the process of rebranding and redesigning its website. The site will shift to www.microlipids.com once the redesign is complete.

This is a name change only and does not affect the status of the company’s shareholders in any manner whatsoever.

25 January 2011
Dr. Oz Show on NBC TV (USA) Demonstrates Medium-chain Triglycerides

A segment today on “The Dr. Oz Show,” a syndicated daytime TV show on NBC in the United States, illustrated the healthy powers of coconut oil. In particular, the second segment focused on medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, the key ingredient in Microlipid Technologies’ proprietary Microsaturation™. The MCTs used in Microsaturation™ are extracted from coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

Here is a link to the show segment comparing medium-chain fatty acids to the long-chain fatty acids found in animal fats and all other vegetable oils. It’s an amazing demonstration:

This is the first segment, which discusses the health benefits of coconut oil generally:

31 December 2010
Open Letter to Microlipid Technologies Investors and Friends

Microlipid Technologies, Inc. has successfully completed the transition from patent acquisition to active pursuit of licensing agreements. Substantive international licensing efforts have been underway since November 2010.

Our strategy is to pursue licensing opportunities in those countries where food manufacturers and consumer markets are best positioned to realize the benefits of Microsaturation℠ and Microlipids™ today, with a special focus where governments are actively encouraging the food industry to reduce trans fats and improve the nutrition profile of dietary fats.

Our 2011 initiatives include completing our first international licensing agreements, crafting and building our brands, exploring and acting upon relevant opportunities, working closely with our advisers and vendors, and enhancing shareholder value.

Thank you to all the parties who have made the vision and results of the last seven years, and especially the dramatic progress achieved during the past year, come to pass.

Please stay tuned to this website for further developments.

The Microlipid Technologies Team