Microlipid Technologies presents the patented MICROSATURATED LIPIDS™ process.

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Edible fats and oils provide essential nutrition and give food flavor and texture. Unfortunately, though, when combined with a sedentary lifestyle and modern diet, fats and cooking oils can contribute to obesity and chronic disease. A variety of approaches attempt to solve this problem:

  • fat replacer products like alli® and Olean®
  • genetically modified soybean seeds like Vistive®, with less of the linolenic acid that forms unhealthy trans fat during hydrogenation
  • emulsions like Fabuless® that mimic satiety, the sensation of fullness.
  • cooking oil and refined fat products like Enova® and NovaLipid® that contain modified fat molecules

In spite of research studies on the safety of man-made molecules and genetically modified seeds, consumer and public policy concerns about these products persist. And current solutions may present new problems:

  • Eating less natural fat can reduce the absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Natural fats and oils send important signals to the brain that we are full and need to stop eating.
  • Research shows that people actually eat more food when their available choices include foods labeled or described as low cal, low fat or fat free.

Microlipid Technologies has developed a new process for manufacturing super healthy fats and cooking oils which we can incorporate into your products. This new process, called MICROSATURATED LIPIDS™, can blend any vegetable oil or animal fat with a special group of super-healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in breast milk, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Microsaturated Lipids™ process is less expensive than hydrogenation and the resulting fats and oils are super healthy, with long shelf life and no unhealthy trans fat.

Foods subject to the Microsaturated Lipids™ process delivers health and public policy benefits not available from any other edible fat and cooking oil technology. Foremost among these benefits is the ability to shift millions of acres of edible oil crops into equatorial regions not currently used for agriculture—easing competitive price pressures as biofuels compete for the finite supply of arable cropland in North America’s Upper Midwest and other traditional vegetable oil field crop regions.

The Microsaturated Lipids™ process is patented in the United States, the European Union, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Republic of (South) Korea, and several other countries (see below). Additional related patent filings are planned.